TruBlue Aluminum Screwdrivers and Nut Drivers

TruBlue Aluminum Screwdrivers and Nut Drivers

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Here is how we make a standard product more valuable to you. We include the best blades in the industry with our drivers. Then, we increase the shaft size so it’s wider and more comfortable to hold. We give the drivers a lovely blue protective finish so your patients see that you are using a specialized tool on their eyewear. The rotating cap has a flat spot to prevent the driver from rolling off your counter. The blade is held in place by a steel snap ring. 4-1/4″ long.

#WO2300 – TruBlue Standard Screwdriver – 1.6mm x 2.2mm

#WO2300FT –  TruBlue Fine Flat Tip Screwdriver – 1mm x 1mm

#WO2300H –  TruBlue Standard Hex Nut Driver – 2.3mm

#WO2300P –  TruBlue Phillips Screwdriver – #000 x #00

#WO2300PF –  TruBlue Phillips/Flat Screwdriver – #000 x 1.4mm

#WO2300SE –  TruBlue Screw Extractor – 1.5mm x 1.5mm

#WO2300SNL –  TruBlue Star Nut Large Driver – 2.8mm

#WO2300SNS – TruBlue Star Nut Small Driver – 2.2mm

#WO2301 –  TruBlue Driver Set, all 8 drivers listed – Set of 8

#WO2305 –  TruBlue Handle only