Ellex Integre Pro

Ellex Integre Pro

Featuring a proprietary dual-mode laser cavity, Integre Pro™ delivers uniform energy distribution across the full spot diameter, eliminating hotspots and achieving optimal, homogenous burns. It’s a key feature that means you can achieve consistent, predictable treatment outcomes across a broad range of pathologies.



Continuous feedback for excellent results

Integre Pro™ delivers real-time, active light feedback that continuously monitors and adjusts power output, combined with high-grade laser components. The result is consistent, reliable performance in the treatment of retinal disease.

See more, see better

The purpose-built Integre Pro™ slit lamp, which channels the laser directly through the slit lamp optics for better visualization and optimal illumination, is optimized for use in the posterior segment. Featuring a 10-degree stereoscopic angle, it provides enhanced depth perception and a wider peripheral view, as well as high-contrast imaging and optimal illumination of the fundus.

High precision performance for retinal disease treatment

Integre Pro’s high power, yellow-red configuration redefines multi-color laser technology, offering the full treatment spectrum of a traditional three-color photocoagulator. By combining high-precision optics matched to optimized laser performance, it’s one of the leading systems for retinal disease diagnosis and treatment.