Ellex Ultra Q Reflex (YAG/LFT)

Ellex Ultra Q Reflex (YAG/LFT)

Ultra Q Reflex™, is the platform that enables you to perform the full range of anterior and posterior YAG laser procedures, including laser floater treatment (LFT) or laser vitreolysis, premium capsulotomy and iridotomy procedures to the highest standards of safety, accuracy and efficacy.

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Widen your treatment horizons

Ultra Q Reflex™ offers leading-edge YAG laser trechnology that’s proven to the highest level of performance. Choose Ultra Q Reflex™, and you can select from four treatment modalities, which comprise:

  • Capsulotomy
  • Iridotomy
  • Laser Floater Treatment (LFT) or Laser Vitreolysis

Converge and focus – Reflex™ Technology

The development of Ellex’s Reflex Technology™ platform, which includes TCI™ for on– and off-axis visualisation, a precise aiming beam, and a superior energy beam profile – all within a unique slit lamp illumination tower design that converges and focussed your sight line, target illumination and treatment beam into one optical path.

Full visualization from the cornea to the retina

True Coaxial Illumination (TCI™) is at the heart of Reflex Technology™. It’s technology that provides a stable and titratable red reflex across the entire working diameter within the pupil, that creates the highest degree of contrast, edge definition and detail shadowing for posterior capsule and throughout the vitreous.

Featuring Ellex’s proprietary Reflex Technology™, Ultra Q Reflex’s visualization in both on-axis and off-axis modes, combined with titratable illumination allows you to accurately visualize the posterior capsule as well as vitreous strands and opacities, and to assess position of floaters relative to the lens or retina.

Prevent post-capsulotomy floaters

The benefits of Ellex’s proprietary Reflex™ Technology extend beyond the safe treatment of floaters. Employing TCI™ to identify capsular fragments, which can give rise to subsequent floaters, Ultra Q Reflex™ can be used to vaporize broken pieces of the fragment and help to prevent the common patient complaint of sudden floater development after capsulotomy.

IOL-friendly photodisruption

Featuring an Ultra Gaussian beam profile, Ultra Q Reflex™ focuses more energy into the center of the beam profile to deliver greater energy density — reducing the energy needed to effectively perform capsulotomy and iridotomy and greatly reducing the risk of lens pitting.