MDT – SC1 Surgical Chair

MDT – SC1 Surgical Chair

Available in 4 colours. Full specifications listed below.

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Full range of patient positioning, from sitting to lying position, gives unprecedented opportunity to position patients at any age in a comfortable way. A unique design of the patient’s head rest, gives the surgeon precise control over the patient’s head during surgical procedures. Ergonomical shape of the head-rest, support the patient’s neck thus controlling in position and comfort throughout the time of entire surgery. A robust construction of the stainless-steel base with special casters allow the surgical table to be freely moved in and out the operation theatre with the patient sitting on. Battery/mains operated controls assure maximum flexibility on the system.

Technical data:

  • Overall length 1.750mm – 1.850mm (flat position)
  • Overall width 925mm
  • Net weight 100kg
  • Max. load of table 150kg
  • Average working time during normal use with a fully charged battery pack – up to 40 hours.
  • Wide selection of non-stitched upholstery colours available free of extra charges.
  • Detachable arm supports, armrest supports and cushioning.