Frey SLI-200 Digital Slit Lamp Camera

Frey SLI-200 Digital Slit Lamp Camera

The Frey SLI-200 Imaging Module attaches easily to either the SL-100 or SL-110 Frey Slit Lamps.

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Tidy Installation

The Frey SLI-200 attaches to either the SL-100 or SL-110 Slit Lamps from Frey, utilising the built in cable channel in the support arm for the eye pieces. No messy wires, just a clean and tidy installation

Control your data

With the EYEMAGER software from Frey you can easily control and access your slit lamp photographs from anywhere in the practice. EYEMAGER operates on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows for a complete experience, and there are no expensive licensing costs holding you back. Access your data from any device in the practice, any time.

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The LED light source on the SL-100 and SL-110 slit lamps, coupled with the SLI-200 imaging module allow the user to capture stunning colour images, as well as IR images of the Meibomian glands. Useful for diagnosing dry eye disease, and tracking the treatment of the disease over time.