Quantel Medical – Aviso S

Quantel Medical – Aviso S


AVISO S (approved by Pr Karl Ossoinig) offers a unique standardized A mode for tissue differentiation and characterization, which is an essential tool to differentiate mass lesions such as ocular tumors. In combination with the 20 MHz B probe, it offers high definition images of the posterior pole essential for retinal specialists.

AVISO S platform also includes UBM imaging, conventional 10 MHz B mode as well as biometry and IOL calculation. It’s the ultrasound platform of choice in reference centers for ophthalmic oncology.
AVISO S has a powerful and user friendly interface and easily connect to your EMR or DICOM network.


  • Wide range of different probes to cover all the physician’s needs: 10 and 20 MHz B-scan, 25 MHz and 50 MHz UBM, and biometry probes.
  • UBM 50 MHz linear probe featuring a linear scanning for a complete visualization of the anterior chamber in one single scan.
  • Full set of semi-automated measuring tools for glaucoma screening
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