Compression Rimless Compressing / Bracing Plier – Guild Model

Compression Rimless Compressing / Bracing Plier – Guild Model

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There are two reasons for owning this plier. The compression fixture has to be held rock solid when you need to adjust the temple or bridge. Adjusting the temple or bridge puts pressure on the drilled holes which can crack the lens. There needs to be equal pressure on both sides of the fixture for absolutely safest results. That is why our Delrin plastic jaw, for the minus side of the lens, pivots to match the base curve.

Replacing the compression tubing is the other reason to have this plier. The Delrin plastic jaws are dual grooved to cradle the metal and plastic components, on either axis, for even, consistent pressure to drive the posts into the tubing. Opens extra wide for thick lenses.

#WO1050V – Black Vinyl Handle

#WO1050F – Green Foam Handle

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Black Vinyl, Green Foam