Chart 2020


  • Customizable Logmar And Snellen Charts
  • Immediate Alternate Test Distances
  • Intelligent Randomization
  • Overlays, 6 Isolation Options
  • (E)ETDRS Auto-Guided Test
  • Low Vision, Landolt C, Tumbling E, HOTV, Paediatric
  • Aviation BUMED 10 X 10 Grid
  • Notations For Feet, Meters, Decimal And Logmar


Standard binocular testing, with anaglyph calibrator.
You can even give your remote to your patient to control the horizontal and vertical coincidence.

  • Monitor To Anaglyph Calibrator
  • Vertical Coincidence (Multiple)
  • Horizontal Coincidence (Multiple)
  • Fixation Disparity (Multiple)
  • Worth 4 Dot
  • 3 Dot
  • Duochrome Balance


Evaluate the extent of your patient’s astigmatism using dynamic and moving astigmatism targets

  • Fan With Rotating Selector
  • Rotating Block – Variable Angle
  • Adjustable Concentric Circle Thickness
  • Adjustable Showerhead Dot Sizes
  • Synchronous Fan To Block Axis Refinement
  • Cross Cylinder